WheyPops - Protein Ice Pops - It's like eating a frozen smoothie on a stick

WheyPops are protein ice pops made with whey protein, real fruit, natural sweeteners and is made with unsweetened almond milk.

Our mission was to make a food product that was convenient, healthy, tasty and refreshing. Wheypops were not just created for athletes. Anyone can enjoy delicious WheyPops, including children. If you have a difficult time getting your kids to eat something healthy, then WheyPops may help solve this problem. Kids will really enjoy the taste and may benefit from its healthy ingredients.

Each 60 ml WheyPop contains a minimum of 10 grams of protein and ranges between 60 to 100 calories. You are getting a good source of protein, omega fats, vitamins and anti-oxidants which may help keep your immune system healthy.

WheyPops - a delicious frozen protein smoothie on a stick

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